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Foundation Stabilization

There are many misconceptions and half-truths about foundation concrete cracks and what material should be used to repair them. Much of this confusion is surrounded around crack movement. One common misconception is that all cracks are moving and the specific repair should allow for that movement. In other words, fill the crack with something flexible. Although there are times when flexible repairs must be used, these repairs by themselves, offer no structural or stabilization benefits. In fact, if incorrectly used, it may focus all future foundation movement to that location creating a “door hinge” effect. This constant hinge type cycle will greatly fatigue the repair material leading to premature failure.

Most residential foundations are designed and built to be a solid or monolithic structure. No joints or seams are intentionally maintained for future movement. With Fortress Stabilization’s carbon fiber countersunk staples, each crack can now be stabilized, returning your foundation to a solid wall again.

Crack Stabilization Process

The crack is first injected. This addresses any water penetration issues. Then, the carbon fiber staples are installed across the face of the crack distributing any future load or movement forces away from the injected crack. This takes all the stress off the injected glue line and transfers it to a section of the wall that is not cracked.
Fortress Staples have a tensile strength 10 times stronger than steel, so you can be confident that your foundation is permanently stabilized at that location with maximum protection against re-cracking.


Advantages to Fortress Stabilization

  • Doubles your standard injection Warranty
  • Adds little cost to entire crack repair
  • Will not rust
  • No obstructions, flat, paintable finish
  • Protects the value of your home
  • Fast & easy installation



Saber Concrete Repair is an authorized Certified Installer of Fortress Stabilization Composite Systems


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