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Saber Concrete Repair Services

  • Pipe Penetration Sealing
    There are different types of pipes passing through foundation walls that bring water, gas, waste, and electricity in and out of our homes. Some of these pipes pass through special “sleeves” that help seal off water seepage. Unfortunately, many are “sealed” the old fashion way,...
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  • General Concrete Repair
    Concrete repair is a general term used to describe the re-surfacing, removal and/or replacement of deteriorated or broken concrete. Cracking, spalling, lifting, flaking and hollow sounding concrete are all symptoms of deterioration. In New England, there are a few extreme elements that can increase the...
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  • Floor Crack Repair
    Concrete floor cracks in a garage or a basement are very typical in many homes in New England. Usually, they are not an indicator of any major problems but can be concerning if you have any of these additional symptoms. High Radon Levels: Radon is...
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  • Foundation Stabilization
    There are many misconceptions and half-truths about foundation concrete cracks and what material should be used to repair them. Much of this confusion is surrounded around crack movement. One common misconception is that all cracks are moving and the specific repair should allow for that...
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  • Other Concrete Repair Services
    Other Services
    Saber Concrete Repair can also provide solutions to other common problems. Bulkhead Entries: Common source of water infiltration in many basements. Most bulkheads are made from a separate pre-cast concrete stair piece which is bolted to the outside of your foundation. This junction between the...
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