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Which Is Right For My Foundation Repair — Urethane Grout or Epoxy Injection?

Urethane Grout ~vs~ Epoxy Injection

Well, you would like to think that something like this could be easily answered by a salesman or extensive internet research, but its not that easy. The main reason its not that easy is because most information is coming from someone who benefits from either Grout or Epoxy. They either sell one or use/install one. The straight forward no non-sense answer to this choice should always be dictated by the characteristics of the crack. As crack injection specialists who have used both materials for the last 25 years, we know the advantages and disadvantages of both materials. We will carefully examine your foundation, looking for signs of the cause of the crack. Without understanding the cause, a proper recommendation for which repair procedure to use cannot be made.

The proper use of Epoxy for crack injection is a highly technical process and much less forgiving than Urethane injection. For example, Epoxies do not bond to other Epoxies. This means that you only have 1 time to do Epoxy injection right. The first time. If it doesn’t work, you can’t try and re-inject again with Epoxy. The 1st attempt has contaminated the concrete surface inside the crack and all bonding ability is gone. This is the primary reason most contractors use Urethane for injection. If it doesn’t work, multiple attempts can be made to resolve the problem. All crack re-injections are done with Urethane grout and can never be repaired again with the bonding properties of Epoxy. That is why it is crucial to perform Epoxy inject correctly the first time. When done properly, a crack repaired with Epoxy is permanent. The wall is solid concrete again, no weaker than it was before it cracked. You can’t say that about a Urethane injected crack.

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