Saber Concrete Repair, LLC
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New Hampshire City, NH 03053
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About Us

Saber Concrete Repair, LLC is owned by Nick Delia. Nick has been involved in the concrete repair and restoration industry for over 25 years. After graduating from Clarkson University with a degree in Civil Engineering, he went to work for a national specialty waterproofing company involved in the repair and protection of concrete structures such as parking garages, sport stadiums, tunnels, dams and other infrastructure facilities in Connecticut and New York.

Later, Nick went to work for the 3rd largest specialty restoration company in the nation, The Western Group. Nick worked in the Boston, northern New England market refining his knowledge of concrete repair and restoration from some of the most highly skilled Engineers and Architects in the region.

In 1996, Nick started Rescon Construction Services with his business partner. Over the next 16 years, he built Rescon into one of the premier basement waterproofing/foundation repair companies in New England today. His training, experience and interest in the commercial Epoxy Injection market led to the development of a streamline process used for the injection of foundation wall cracks. This process combines the highest quality, commercial technology with an affordable price for residential consumers.

This very process is the cornerstone behind his new business venture, Saber Concrete Repair. In October 2012, Nick started Saber Concrete Repair, specializing in foundation repairs and concrete restoration. Utilizing the injection process he refined, Saber primarily repairs concrete cracks in residential foundations walls, floors, garages, retaining walls and bulkheads. Having learned the highly specialized process of Epoxy Injection from some of the industry pioneers in this field, Saber offers solutions with longevity and structural benefits that others companies simply can not provide.

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